Can I Cut Dishwasher Tablets In Half? [Pros & Cons for Saving Money]

Like me, you’re always looking for ways to save a little money. For example, some people suggest saving money on dishwasher detergent by cutting the tablet in half. But is this really a wise decision? Is it going to save you any money – or is it just a waste of time?

Can You Cut Dishwasher Tablets In Half?

Yes, your dishwasher doesn’t need a whole tablet. In fact, using a full tablet leaves soap residue on plates and glasses, or the tablet doesn’t dissolve fully and gets caught in the dishwasher drain. So half a tablet is all you need for most loads, depending on the age and brand of dishwasher, the type of water, and how big the load is.

With the high cost of dishwasher tablets, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to save money. So if you’ve been trying to find hacks to save money on the dishwasher, here’s everything you need to know about cutting your tablets in half before using them.

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How Much Soap Does A Dishwasher Need?

Most dishwashers require 2-3 tablespoons of detergent per load. You may only need one tablespoon per load if you have a dishwasher with a smaller reservoir. The water hardness will determine how much detergent is needed as well.

The harder the water, the more detergent is required to clean dishes. 

Hard water causes glassware to become opaque and a white film or spots over dishes. In addition, hard water is rough on a dishwasher and will cause the parts to fail over time.

If you have hard water, you’ve likely noticed scummy hard-to-clean showers, tubs, and soap that doesn’t lather. You can also check with your city or do a quick in-home test to determine the quality of your water.

Generally, it’s best to start with less detergent and add more if needed. 

Also, ensure you’re using the right detergent for your dishwasher. Hard water requires detergent that contains harsh chemicals such as; phosphates, which are additives to soften the hard water. 

Can I Use Anything Instead Of Dishwasher Tablets?

Yes, instead of using your regular dishwasher tablet, you can add three drops of dishwashing soap to your dishwasher dispenser and then fill the rest of the slot with baking soda. Then run the dishwasher on the normal cycle, and the dishes will come out clean.

Most people choose to use a table because it is convenient and easy. 

Dishwashing detergents contain chemicals and ingredients that make it easy to remove spots, stains, and grease from protein-based foods and tackle hard water.

You won’t have to worry about spots or streaks, and your dishes will come out sparkling clean – even if you have hard water.

Pros Of Cutting A Dishwasher Tablet In Half

One of the biggest reasons people cut their dishwasher tablets in half is to save money. A dishwasher tablet can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 or more today because of the high inflation. But, of course, the price will depend on the brand, size, and ingredients.

While it may not seem like much, those costs can add up quickly if you’re running multiple loads a week. Cutting your tablets in half allows you to get double the loads for the same price.

In addition, many people find that half a tablet is really all you need for most loads. If you have a dishwasher with a smaller reservoir, using a whole tablet may cause your dishes to come out dirty.

Half a tablet is just enough to clean your dishes without wasting detergent.

Cons Of Cutting A Dishwasher Tablet In Half

One of the biggest complaints about cutting dishwasher tablets in half is that it can be messy and challenging. Most tablets are designed to dissolve quickly, so when you cut them in half, they often crumble and make a mess.

In addition, the dishwasher tablets contain the right amount of soap to clean the appliance’s dishes, grease, and limescale. However, by cutting the tablet in half, there won’t be enough of the active ingredients, and the grease and limescale buildup can eventually wear down the seals on the main recirculating pump.

Using less detergent will also cause grease build-up, which can cause your dishwasher to smell.

One of the biggest downsides of cutting your tablet in half is the possibility of food and germs remaining on the dishes, which can be a health risk.

So while cutting your dishwasher tablets in half may save you money in the short run, it may cost you more in the long run if it damages your dishwasher.

Can You Cut Open Dishwasher Pods?

There’s no law stating you can’t cut dishwasher pods or tablets in half. However, some will be easier to cut than others. So if you’re planning on cutting them in half, avoid the ones that use gel or liquid. 

For example, cutting the Finish Gelpacs in half will be a huge pain and make quite a mess. This is because the pods have liquid detergent, which will spill out as soon as it’s cut.

The best tablets or pods to cut in half are the Kirkland Signature Platinum Performance Ultrashine, Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Dishwasher Pacs, or Aldi dishwashing tablets. 

Regardless of brand, the most important thing is to ensure the pods are solid because they have less chance of crumbling or leaking.

How Do You Break A Dishwasher Tablet?

To cut the table in half, use a sharp knife to cut them in half, being careful not to cut yourself.

Once you’ve cut the pod or tablet in half, you can store the other half for later use. Just be sure to keep it in a dry, airtight container away from children.

Other Ways to Save Money

We realize that not everyone wants to cut their pods in half. After all, one of the biggest reasons people buy these is because it saves them time. The great thing is there are still ways to save money without cutting your tablets in half.

  • Use Powder or Liquid Detergent: Powder and liquid detergent make it easy to control how much you want to use, meaning there’s less waste.
  • Buy In Bulk: One of the best ways to save money is to buy your dishwasher tablets in bulk. You can often find good deals on bulk purchases, saving you money in the long run. Look for Coupons: Another great way to save money is to look for coupons. Many companies offer coupons for their dishwashing products, so keep an eye out for them.
  • Use Money Saving Apps: Money-saving apps such as Fetch Rewards, Rakuten (formerly eBates), Ibotta, etc. that, make it easy to save on groceries, including dishwashing tablets. Simply scan your receipt after purchasing, and you’ll earn cash back on select items.
  • Hand Wash Your Dishes: Hand washing your dishes takes more time, but it is cheaper in the long run. 

As you can see, there are several ways to save money on dishwasher tablets, even if you don’t want to cut them in half. Using one method, you can keep your dishes clean without breaking the bank.

Final Word

Cutting your dishwasher tablets in half is a personal decision. But if you’re looking to save money, it’s definitely worth trying. Just be prepared for a little extra mess, and ensure you use the right type of pods to make it easy to cut.

If you have hard water, we recommend using a tablet designed for hard water. These tablets contain ingredients that help to dissolve mineral deposits and prevent spots and streaks.

Whatever you decide, use the right amount of detergent for your load size and water hardness. Too much detergent can leave residue on your dishes, and too little won’t get them clean.

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