About Not In The Oven

Not In the Oven is on a mission to be your online source for people who prefer to use small kitchen appliances instead of the stove. Throughout the years, people have been choosing to cook with appliances other than the stove.

Today, the microwave, convection oven, and other small appliances have become standard appliances in the home. It’s safe to say that every home has at least one appliance like a convection oven, microwave, or other small appliance they prefer over a conventional oven.

My Story

Hi, my name is Mary and I’m the creator of Not In The Oven. I love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. My family loves to eat and we are always experimenting with new ways to prepare different foods. I’ve never been afraid to try a new appliance.

While I won’t be sharing any recipes on this site, you will find all kinds of questions regarding crock pots, convection ovens, bread makers, microwaves, Instapots, and so many other popular kitchen appliances.

When I’m not cooking you can find me outside biking, hiking, or just getting my daily walk in. I’m sure my friends think I’m crazy for starting this website, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m Here For You

Be sure to bookmark this page, as I’ll be adding new content on a regular basis. My goal is to grow this site into a huge online resource that helps you get the answers to your small cooking appliances.

I’m always looking to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback you may have.

If you have any content ideas for the site, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me via my contact page.

I’m NOT accepting guest posts at this time.